About Us

Grit, Pith, Passion & Pride
Our family of craftsmen is as good as the Gods can carve.

In 2013, company President, Mike Dunkle, and Haan Plumbing President, Tony Haan, decided to join forces, along with partners West Null and Jonathan Taylor, to start Dunkle Custom Build. Specializing in home renovations and custom wood working, Dunkle Custom Build is dedicated to quality, providing decades of experience in all aspects of construction.

In 2015, the company expanded by purchasing its own sawmill and began milling lumber to make wood slab furniture. Since then, the creativity and possibilities have sky-rocketed. Though home renovations is the company’s flagship, the custom woodworking aspect is gaining momentum and setting DCB apart from the rest of the field. Come give the shop a visit and see what DCB can do to enrich your quality of life at home.